April Yap – Human Resources, Teacher

april-yap-profileHonestly, I am not really good at expressing myself through writing, but let me start by introducing myself.

Hello, my name is April Yap. I wasn’t born in the month of April, and that’s weird, right? My grandma named me April because they said that “April” was her favorite radio character during that time and I was the only girl among my cousins.

I started as a part timer in the Fast Food industry during my college days. I stopped going to school for a while since I needed to earn money to help my family. After a year, I went on to finish my studies and graduated with a degree in B.S. Nursing. However, I didn’t push through my field. I instead worked in the BPO industry because compensation wise, they pay more than the Hospital.

This was the start of my BPO life. At first, I was working as a Market Researcher. I conducted surveys with different people. When recession kicked in, I got laid off from my work and I didn’t have a choice but to look for another job. That’s when I became a Customer Service Representative. Being a CSR is a bit challenging. There are different customers with different issues and you need to solve their problems. I worked in this industry for almost 5 years. I learned how to multi task, became flexible and patient, and I also enhanced my skills in the English language.

april-yap-travelDue to our own obstacles, I decided to work abroad to provide more for my family. Since 2012 up until now, I am still working abroad to provide them with a better life.

When 2020 came, we received a very bad news and it affected all of us, especially our jobs. Luckily, because of our high technology, I heard about home based jobs. Honestly, I am afraid to apply for an online job, but I have seen that there are a lot of Filipinos who are successful in this field so I might as well try.

I am an ESL teacher and still adjusting to my job. I am also hoping that I can land a job and be able to work regularly without waiting for bookings and earn even without leaving the house.

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio. Hope to be working for you soon.

For a copy of April’s resume please click here.