Ashley Sayson – CSR, E-commerce, Administration

ashley-sayson-profileHello! My name is Ashley Sayson and you can call me Ling, Ash, or Ilya.

I am not really the type of person who tells her story. Only a few people know me well. To those few, I am lively and vibrant.

Born and raised in the humble northern part, Pangasinan, my career path led me to the province of Pampanga. I have been living here for 10 years now. Despite the different culture, life and dialect, I was lucky to find a job in BPO industries. I was a Customer Associate and Technical Support handling email and phone channels. I am a night owl and the job definitely helps me gain the knowledge and skills needed. My paycheck is able to support me and my family.

After such a long time enduring the seemingly endless shifting schedules – mostly night shift, an idea occurred to me. What is the feeling of working on a morning shift? Hence, I decided to apply as an Executive/Virtual/Admin Assistant. Luck was on my side and combined with the skills I have learned (and I am very thankful for that) from working in BPO industries, I landed the job. I have never been happier in this job. There are hardships and adjustments, that is true, but when you find where you fit in, you would be thankful forever.

ashley-sayson-meditateAnyway, enough of the working story.

I am young at heart. Ha ha ha! Every chance I get, I play games – PC, mobile, DS, PSP. My favourites are Blade and Soul, God Eater Burst, Patapon, Tekken, Ragnarok, and Mobile Legends among many others. Lately though, I am more into mobile gaming. If you ever want to play a game, just message me ;-).

What else? I actually do amateur photoshoots. I can also do a bit of photo editing. So perhaps, if you like to set up a fun shoot, you can invite me.

You like hiking? Please let me know so I can join you too.

My take in adulting, pray whenever you can, laugh whenever there is something funny, help with all your heart, cry if it’s already unbearable. Enjoy life and always be true to yourself.

For a copy of Ashley’s resume please click here.