Barbara Anne Castañares – Administrative Assistant

barbarra-anne-castanaes-formalHi! I’m Barbarra Ann. But I’d prefer to be called Barbz. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration major in Financial Management. Back in my college days, I was a working student at my university. Being the program Dean’s secretary, I managed appointments, incoming and outgoing communications, call handling, and mostly encoding subject request in an excel file. I’m just lucky that I also like to read English books about fiction series and pieces of literature that enhanced my English language skills.

My first job was a Sales Representative in a Pharmaceutical Company, where I did courtesy calls and visits to medical practitioners, clinics, and pharmacies to perform strategic product promotions. Then I next landed a position as an Accounting Clerk of a Forest Industry. I’ve experienced being a Pharmacy Assistant Cashier of a Beauty and Health Company, and a Warranty Processor at an Automotive Company. Having to work with several companies, I was able to acquire additional skills and meet people that helped me become more sensitive professionally. It was not an easy journey because I had to adopt other skills that were way different to each other, but I was able to comprehend, and being flexible is my key to every given task even if it’s beyond my job description.

My greatest work achievement was when I received an award as a Warranty Processor of the Year for provincial dealer in March of 2018, at Alabang, Manila; from my recent occupation.

barbarra-anne-castanares-by-the-beachFor me, the most important value at work is being accountable – to the task given, to the actions, and the position. It involves taking responsibility and being able to explain your actions. My top two qualifications are having Good Communication skills and Reliability. Good communication skills in terms of transmitting and receiving messages clearly, and being able to understand what I am trying to convey, at the same time being able to read my audience. And reliability means being performance-based, finishing assigned tasks, and meeting deadlines. My two greatest strengths are patience and dedication. Patience in terms of being calm when things get out of hand or in need of full attention. And dedication, on being committed to the task given the time and effort to meet its goal.

Outside of work, in my spare time, I really enjoy being at home, spending time with the kids, and talking to my husband about how his day was going. It really relieves the stress at the end of the day.

Thank you for your time in reading this. Enjoy your day and I look forward to assisting your business at scale.

For a copy of Barbara’s resume please click here.