Cheyenne Arapaho Tomas – Sales and Marketing

cheyenne-arapaho-tomas-profileI am the youngest of 4 siblings, 2 boys and 2 girls and have a loving parent. People say that the youngest child is always spoiled, but this was not my case. I needed to earn and work by helping in the household chores. These things taught me how to be patient and that I needed to work hard for me to achieve my goals.

My hobbies include travelling, swimming, fashion and beauty, and watching K-drama (I am an avid fan). I can finish an entire series (16 episodes) in one day. When it comes to travelling, my goal is to travel at least once a year as this is something that my boyfriend and I look forward to always. I am also a cat lover. I can still remember when I was young, whenever I saw a small kitten in the street, I would always take it home and my mum would always get mad at me. Even today, cats always visit our house and I would always feed and take care of them.

I have a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management major in Travel and Tourism. It was my dream to become a flight attendant and I applied to local and international airline companies for 3 years. Unfortunately, I was not accepted due to height requirements. I then realised that maybe this was not really my calling. I then shifted to the Hospitality Industry which until now, I am still connected cheyenn-arapaho-tomas-candidwith.

I have been working for 10 years already and I’ve been through many ups and downs. I once worked as a Sales Administrative Assistant in an Insurance company and was directly reporting to the CAO. I did several administrative tasks including appointment settling, liquidation, booking of hotels and flights etc. What I love most about my work is meeting different people. This gives me the opportunity to know and learn from them at the same time. Being with Sales, I also learned how to work smarter and not harder. This means focusing on what yields the highest percentage of revenue/return. I am always willing and open to learn especially that our world is fast changing and that we should always be up to date with trends.

Every client is different; I make sure that I can cater to all their needs and that they know that they can always rely on me with their business. I believe this can help me to succeed in becoming a Virtual Assistant. I look forward to working with you.

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