Cleo Joy Oguan – CSR and Programmer

cleo-joy-oguan-profileHi I’m Cleo Joy Oguan..

I graduated Bachelor of Computer Engineering Technology from Ateneo De Naga University. My biggest achievement that I am most proud of so far, was completing my degree and being a college honour student. I was also a former Vice President in our organisation and member of Red Cross Youth where I spent time volunteering.

In our curriculum we have three summer on-the-job trainings. My first OJT was Desktop Support on our campus. I was assigned to handle computer hardware and software concerns. I was also responsible for installing anti-virus software, computer repair and hardware maintenance, Software Administration and Licensing.

My second OJT was as Network Support. I was assigned to handle all telephone and network related concerns. I also maintained and secured the physical connectivity of the university network, managed the proper assignment and distribution of telephone numbers, and installed, configured and maintained network connectivity computers and telephone unit cabling.

My third OJT was as a Quality Assistance/Business Analyst in Zigzag Media Philippines. I performed quality assurance tests on software applications. I learned how to make a case study, mock-ups, flowcharts of websites and applications and I also experienced testing tools and working with the Agile Scrum Methodology.

My most recent experience was as a Social Influencer and Virtual Assistant where I made connections with entrepreneurs all around the globe. My task was posting ads on Facebook, handling highly sensitive information, providing support for data entry and additional administrative tasks. I also processed customer and account source documents, reviewed data and detected deficiencies. I ensured data entry meets requirements and was responsible for compiling and sorting cleo-joy-oguan-portraitdata.

It’s always been my dream to work from home where I can work independently and avoid traffic in going to an office. I can also, at the same time, spend time with my family while working. I can earn money from home with my own schedule.

When I first started working in this field. I researched and watched on YouTube how to be a successful freelancer. I learned that you also need to gain more skills to attract many clients and have a higher rate. But to be a very successful freelancer it takes more – you need to be patient, build the trust of your client, persevere and many more skills.
The most important thing is that you know how to manage different types of people and have excellent time management skills.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.

For a copy of Cleo’s resume please click here.