Cloe Belle Zamora – Operations Supervisor

cloe-belle-zamora-profileI have worked in the BPO Industry for over 11 years, with 7 years experience as an Operations Supervisor.

I started working as a Customer Service and Technical Support Representative for 3 years, delivered an outstanding performance and got promoted to being an SME (Subject Matter Expert). I got promoted to an Operations Supervisor within a month.

My tasks mostly cover an operational rhythm that meets the client standards. As a highly skilled and experienced Team Leader, managing top performing service teams and ensure to deliver outstanding customer care, I possess a range of knowledge and experience that will allow me to excel in the VA Industry. My expertise lies in effective communication, dealing with pressure and work loads and exceed client’s expectations.

I’ve created trainings and modules that help our frontliners become more effective in what they do. I use MS PowerPoint presentation and MS Excel for data processing.

In terms of client facing, I am also given the task to come up with an elevation to contribute to the success of the campaign, understanding the client needs and help solve problems.

Often times, I deal with different types of personalities that made me become effective and improve my interpersonal skills.

I am also proactive in coming up with new ideas, action plans and strategic planning.

I am an experienced coach and was recognised with Coach mastery. Being an effective coach starts in identifying the people you’re working with, having the opportunity to move the needle. I came across the “House of Change” methodology and this is what I am using as it’s not only applicable in the work place, but also in my personal life.

I am also inspired by Rudy Giuliani “Broken Windows” Theory where it inspires us to focus our attention not only on the bigger picture but the also on small ones – the root cause that would help us resolve it all. By having accountability, stepping up and creating a change.

cloe-belle-zamora-rideThis opportunity to help other people improve is what keeps me going and makes me want to do more. Creating new leaders and replicate what I do.

I have a strong work ethics and strongly believe that reliability comes first. Being a Team Lead for 7 years, I was able to manage employee retention. I believe that we can’t motivate a person, but we inspire them to become motivated.

I am a strong willed person and have passion in delivering outstanding work to my client. I don’t limit myself but urge to become better, to learn more and be able to deliver results and exceed client’s expectations.

I am a fast learner and can work independently or in a team. I am very light to work with and always aim to contribute more.

Ultimately, I am a believer of strong leadership. That being a leader is not a title or a designation, but it’s an opportunity to serve other people.

For a copy of Cloe’s resume please click here.