Crisha Marquez – Social Media Manager

crisha-marquez-formalI am a lifelong learner, highly motivated and I have great time management skills. I can assure you that I am an efficient worker and that I can deliver output on or before the deadline – mostly the latter. My previous clients can attest to that.

I finished my degree in Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science major in Resource Management and worked for the government in the same industry for two years. After that, I found out about the opportunities of working from home.

I worked as an online ESL teacher and my students keep on coming back because they can feel warmth and sincerity in me and with that, I also want to improve myself so I enrolled in Professional Education and I am now a Licensed Professional Teacher. I keep on exploring the world of freelancing so I accepted content writing jobs and I have written various articles, some published under my name and others are not.

I got the chance to be chosen as one of the scholars of the government again and recently I finished my training in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce and I learned a lot from that training that will be helpful for me in contributing to my client’s business.

crisha-marquez-modellingThe reason why I want to work from home is to be with my family, so I see to it that despite all of those busy days with work I can spend time with my family. I still have time to do my hobbies which is singing and playing musical instruments (particularly Ukulele and Kalimba).

I have been through a lot before I became the person that I am now. People think that I am an achiever but I am just a woman with simple dreams and that is to provide for my family using all the knowledge that I have invested in myself.
There are times wherein no one else will believe in you but as long as you believe in yourself what they say does not matter. Tough challenges in life make me tough as well. Some might think that I am still a baby but what lies within is a strong empowered woman with a kind heart.

So, that was my freelancing journey. What I can promise you is my dedication and hard work, and if we act on something together with the same mindset we will both succeed.

Talk to you soon.

For a copy of Crisha’s resume please click here.