David M. Montoedi – Technical Support Specialist

david-montoedi-vaHello! My name is David Motseokae Montoedi. People call me Skillz, and in a bit I will tell you why.

Before entering the BPO Industry, I was an ESL Teacher for over 8 years and my forte was IELTS. This is where I honed my skills in problem solving as I was working with complex customers on a daily basis. Here I learned empathy, positive engagement and issue resolution.

I am a seasoned Customer Service Representative with experience working with diverse cultures and environments within the BPO industry. I have over 5 years of experience in Customer Service with various accounts. I started as a Technical Support Representative for Dish Telco based in the USA and was chosen to handle Dr. Dish. I was also tasked to handle the Customer Loyalty for Dish.

After 2 years, I transferred to ATnT UVerse. They called us Super Agents since we handled everything they threw at us – billing, troubleshooting, customer service, sales and retention.

david-montoedi-coachAfter a year, I was again transferred to a Health Account, which is Medicare and Retirement. This is where I saw my growth.

After a year and a half, I was picked as an Intern for Communications Trainer. I trained my peers on call flow and how to practice Positive Engagement and give our absolute best to meet our customers’needs.

Oh, I almost forgot – people call me “Skillz” for I am a Football Coach/Player and this is my outlet to cool off from the BPO Gauntlet.

For a copy of David’s resume please click here.