Dawn May Patilan – Administrator and Social Media Manager

dawn-may-patilan-formalMy name is Dawn May Patilan. You can call me Dawn. I am a Licensed Mining Engineer. I am 23 years old and I live in the Philippines. To know me better, I am a dog person. I have two dogs named Cloudy and Tiny. Cloudy because she’s very fluffy and white and Tiny because he was the smallest pup among his siblings. Cloudy recently gave birth to 6 puppies, so I have been super busy since then. Aside from taking care of the dogs, I also enjoy reading books and watching TV shows in my spare time. I am patiently waiting for season 4 of ‘Money Heist’, but for now, I am catching up with ‘Suits’.

My hope for the future is to have a fulfilled life where I have a stable income and I can support my wants and needs. With hope, comes fear. I fear that one day, my parents will pass on and I have not given them the life they deserved. That’s my biggest fear yet – I sure hope it does not come to that.

To give you an overview of my skills and experiences, I worked as a Virtual Assistant for almost 2 years. During my previous job experiences, I have gained the skills and training that will enable me to adapt to the needs of my clients. Part dawn-may-patilan-dancingof those experiences is email management, calendar management, appointment setting, basic graphic design, social media management, and project management.

I also have the basic knowledge for Trello – a project management software, Canva for graphic design, Hootsuite for social media management, Calendly for scheduling appointments, Lastpass for password management, etc. I can also navigate myself well through different social media platforms and have good knowledge of using Microsoft Office suites, and the different Google Apps.

I am a detail-oriented person. I can work well under pressure. Also, being an engineer, I am trained and taught to become a fast-learner and resourceful to skill up with the needs of the company or the client. I am also open-minded, I can accept criticisms and feedback and think of them as a guideline on how to improve myself and I am always willing to learn and develop new skills. I am also friendly and easy to get along with and I can always work with a team.

For a copy of Dawn’s resume please click here.