Leonard Julian Abenir

Leonard Julian Abenir - Customer Service Representative Hello, I’m Julian, and let me tell my story. March 2016 when I graduated from the University finishing my bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. I went to Metro Manila to look for opportunities since I originally lived on an island away from the Metro areas. For someone who has first time experience [...]


Acelyn Barcelite

Acelyn Barcelite - Accounting and Bookkeeping My name is Acelyn Barcelite but you can call me Ace and I am from Cebu, Philippines. My interests include; traveling, playing volleyball, paper crafting, and doing volunteer work. I love to engage in the development of our community because it gives me unexplainable fulfillment. Back in college, I was a volunteer in [...]


Lovely Banac

Lovely Banac - Customer Service Representative Assalamu Alaikum, Everyone (Peace be unto you)! My name is Lovely, but you can call me Liv. I'm from Cebu City Philippines. I recently got married to my boyfriend of three years. We both converted to Islam since my father is also a reverted Muslim. During my free time, I like to go [...]


Jannesse Maria Villanueva

Jannesse Villanueva - Executive Virtual Assistant Hi there, I'm Jannesse, say it with finesse, and not Janice, like Japanese. To make it easy for you, you may simply call me Jann. I am one individual who is determined, goal-oriented, and focused. I am the type of person who is persistent. I believe that hard work pays off. I am [...]


Joyce Anne Lyn Gavieres

Joyce Gavieres - Customer Service Representative, Real Estate Hello and good day! My name is Joyce Anne Lyn but you can call me Jal for short. I am an undergraduate of Hotel and Restaurant Studies. Due to financial restraints, I had to start working and become our family’s breadwinner. I started off as an agent for a debt collections [...]


Gene Anthony Salazar

Gene Salazar - Administrative Assistant Hooray! It is a great day once again to be with you. I am Gene Anthony S. Salazar, a 33-year old Sagittarius and a Choleric-Sanguine by nature. In 12 years of working in various and reputable companies, I have mastered leadership, work professionalism, work ethics and decision making, and being human in most crucial [...]


Mary Janelle L. Godito

Jannelle Godito - Digital Marketing Hi! My name is Mary Jannelle L. Godito. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management. Working in a BPO industry has supported my educational needs. I was pursuing my degree in college while working as an image analyst at Camfind Philippines Inc. for more than 2 [...]


Darelle Loreto

Darelle Loreto - Support Consultant, Social Media Manager Building a business or pursuing whatever endeavour you might have right now is no easy task, I get it. So, I'm here to take some things off your plate. By leveraging my knowledge and skills on the most viable medium for conducting business that is the internet, I can help you [...]


Rachelle Nazareno-Basadre

Rachelle Basadre - Recruitment, Administrative and Customer Support Hello, I am Rachelle Nazareno-Basadre, a wife, a mother of a 2-year-old daughter, and a singer. I studied Business Administration Major in Marketing Management from 2010-2017. It took me 7 years to graduate from college due to financial limitations since Xavier University is one of the finest schools here and the [...]