Elaine Heart A. Ejares – Sales Representative

elaine-heart-ejares-profileI’ll introduce myself… my full name is Elaine Heart Ejares. My parents named me ‘Heart’ and it’s because I was born on February 14, a Valentine’s Day. And to be honest, I don’t have any skills or experience being a Virtual Assistant!

I am eager to learn and willing to listen to others’ perspectives. I am very passionate in my work or task when I’m doing something. Also I’m very confident that you can trust me to be part of your team. I’ll take everyone’s criticisms and opinions honestly and accept them.

I was born in Chong Hua Hospital, Cebu on February 14, 2000. I am the second child in our family. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. I went to Banilad Elementary School and I graduated in 2013 then I went to San Isidro Parish School for my Junior High School days and it was a catholic school. They had strict rules there and I must admit that I didn’t like it.

When I entered my Senior days, I rebelled. I drank and sometimes boycotted my classes but I still made sure my grades were okay. As long as I didn’t fail, I decided I could do whatever I wanted!

elaine-heart-ejares-bondingAfter all the things I did, now I’m facing the consequences. Now, I’m still a senior high school student. I didn’t graduate – but it’s not because I failed. It is because I fell pregnant. I didn’t surrender, I still went to school even though I was pregnant. I thought I’d be graduating this year but I was wrong…

January of this year I gave birth to my child. He’s a pre-term baby and he was only 7 months old when I delivered him into this world. He was so small when I carried him, and it was a precious moment for me. But now he’s big! He’ll turn 1 year next January. How fast the time flies, really.

I’m still learning and I’m fascinated by being a mother. Motherhood is truly a beautiful and nice feeling but hard at the same time. I never thought I would be taking care of a baby. I’m afraid what the future may bring us; I mean to our small family. May God always guides me in my journey of being a mother. God gave me a wonderful blessing after all the things I made, I’m still blessed.

For now, I’m a stay at home mum and taking care of my toddler and partner. I’m looking for a job so that I can help my partner to provide for my small one. I feel like I’m burden to my family – always depending on them. That’s why I’m eager to find a job and also I want to separate with my family. It’s my dream to have my own house where I can be with my family and it feels like ‘HOME’.

I’m very grateful to my family especially my parents, who was there for me all through thick and thin in my life, and of course my partner who was always with me when I’ve been feeling down, always providing me with support.

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