Emannuel Tumala Saligue – Web Developer and Programmer

Hello – I’m Emannuel 🙂

To start my story let me tell you about my childhood. I am the eldest son to my fine parents. I was born and raised in a province that lacked the latest technology… but what I could access fascinated me. For example, my Grandma had a radio and I desperately needed to know what was inside of it and how it worked. In my Barangay (town) I became known as one of the ‘young scientists’ because I have always been curious about ‘stuff’ and have this need to modify and improve it.

When I looking at college, I wanted to be an electronics engineer. Unfortunately the nearby college didn’t have that course available, so I followed the trend of my classmate and enrolled in an Information Technology course. And gladly… and not wishing to brag! – I was one of the top achievers.

My other great achievement during that time is that I also met my wife!

Before graduation my course required me to perform On-the-Job training. And thanks to my Uncle Mario Sr. I went to Davao City and undertook the required hours of training. I applied to Focusinc Group and the work was home-based at that time, and then after a while they transferred to an office located near in the SM Ecoland (SM City Davao). The company owner wanted to have a system that could manage the VA, and I provided what he needed. In fact, he was so happy with my work that he gave me a new laptop! Even though I went back to my own province I stayed in contact with the company and maintained the system that I had created. And then after my graduation I went back to the company.

After that I started to work remotely and gained a lot of experience. One of my most unforgettable experiences was while working as a mobile developer in a German based company. I didn’t have any experience of creating a mobile application at the time, but with my confidence and hard work I developed multiple mobile apps. One in particular is available right now in Google Play and App Store! And I am proud to say that app (which I created with the help of my two bosses) allowed us the honour of being presented with an award by Intermedia Globe in Germany.

In June 2018 my girlfriend and I were blessed to be married for time and for all eternity in the Cebu Philippine Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

My wife and I decided to be part time instructors in the College with the goal that we can help produce better graduates and teach them the technologies they will need in the field. We are also currently studying for our material degrees for a Master in Information Technologies.

I really believe that learning has no end and that every experience (either big or small) can be an instrument to your success. Failure is an opportunity to enhance yourself and do better next time, and compassion is an essential purpose in life.

Thank you for reading my story.

For a copy of Emmanuel’s resume please click here.