Emmanuel Chuca – Customer Care Specialist

emmanuel-chuca-formalHi I’m Emmanuel 🙂

Being the bread winner of the family, I need to work harder in order to provide for my family in Leyte. Before working in the freelance world, I worked in the BPO industry for 7 years where I gained knowledge and learned a lot of experience. I worked as a Technical Support, Sales Associate, Customer Service Representative doing Inbound and Outbund Calls. I was also part of the Flex (Flexible) Team which means that we were taking Inbound Calls and resolving a different concern via email at the same time. It wasn’t easy, but It was a good experience.

I am working now as a part time Online English Tutor for Japanese students and also a chat moderator for a website. The good thing about working as a freelancer is you have flexibility and you can work in the comfort of your home on your preferred schedule as long as you can perform… but of course this also depends on the client needs.

emmanuel-chuca-strawberry-pickingI don’t have a lot of experience being a freelancer since I’m just starting to venture into this field. However, I can guarantee you that I am very passionate, reliable, driven, committed and dedicated to providing expeditious quality output. I work from the heart and I’m eager to help out with the company and client needs. I’m very organised, focused, and have an eye for detail.

I make sure I work with speed without compromising accuracy. I also make sure that I maintain a professional attitude towards my clients and colleagues. I believe that everything is possible through good teamwork. The key is setting achievable goals, being patient and trusting the process, sharing ideas and knowledge with the company and being open to continuous learning.

I claim to uniquely stand out from others because I value my clients and recognise that time is money, and integrate that with my exceptional ability to multitask. I am best with time management by establishing my priorities. I have a flexible attitude and approach towards any assignments. Most importantly, I make sure to operate under guidelines.

For a copy of Emmanuel’s resume please click here.