Fatima May Hortelano-De la Cerna – CSR and Social Media Manager

fatima de la cerna vaI’m just a simple girl from the Philippines who constantly gives her best for her family. My life is not that exciting, like any other people. I haven’t traveled abroad yet nor bought any expensive items. I’m just a simple girl who loves peace and serenity.

At a young age, I found a way for my family not to pay anything for my education. I was a scholar student from high school through to College. My parents did not pay a single cent for my studies and that is something I am proud of. I love my parents so much and I don’t want to see them work too hard just to cover my needs. I am a self-sustaining and independent person.

I got married at 21 not because I was pregnant like what society expects of a woman who marries at a young age. I got married because I wanted to build a family as early as possible. Right now, I’m 26 with 3 kids. I work hard to get the things we need. We started our married life with almost nothing and with no one to support us – my parents and my husband’s parents had limited income. We started from scratch and now, we already own a house and lot, and a car for our little family.

fatima-vaI have 8 years of work experience in different fields and I can say that I’m good at it, if not, the best. I’ve been in the telecommunications industry where I served as a customer service representative. This field is my forte. I love my customers to the point that I always go that extra mile just to help them out. I don’t want to settle for less. I have been a billing consultant, sales executive, telemarketer, technical support rep and case manager.

Because of my love for my family, I always see to it that I do well at my work. I consistently get awards and recognition for my job. I was even sent to Palawan for an ultimate experience – a reward for those consultants who got high scores for the past 12 months. This was a nationwide event. It was such a wonderful experience that encouraged me to work even harder. My main focus is to provide customer satisfaction with a first call resolution.

In 2016, I decided to work from home. I became depressed when I lost a child so I decided to stay at home. I found a home-based job with an area focusing on generating traffic and social media marketing. I was a virtual assistant to a very intelligent employer and fast-paced (if I may say so). I organised data for him and maintained his social media accounts for traffic. My second employer was also a good one. I was doing content research, data entry and created product funnels. However, not all good times last; their business went down and I lost my job so I decided to work in the corporate world.

Mid 2017, I was accepted as a claims officer in QBE Group Shared Services. Basically, my main job was to maintain a good relationship with the insured. They would file a claim and at the same time, I decide whether it would be accepted or declined. I processed their claim and provided settlements as well. If you’re looking for someone who is good at insurance policies and processes, both property and motor, I’m your girl.

Fast forward to the year 2019… I’m still working with QBE but I’m already in the middle of resigning. I’ve decided that I want to be a full-time mother but that doesn’t mean that I will no longer work. I will be working at home. I need to work because I want to keep myself sane! I’m too independent so ‘not working’ is something I simply cannot do.

I would love the opportunity to work with you, and I’m looking forward to a bright future.

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