Frederick Toledo – CSR, Quality Assurance, Accounting

frederick-toledo-profileI’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and worked in the accounting department for almost 2 years. I’ve worked with different accounting supervisors and they taught me well and made me realize that in life, it is not what you need to do but what you want to do in the future.

I shifted my career and try to do something else. At that time, I was curious about what the BPO industry was all about. I started as a customer service and technical support where I enjoyed helping others especially the irate customers. There were struggles at first for I have to work night shift and was culture shocked by different tools that I wasn’t familiar with, but my teammates never give up on me, especially my supervisor. I learned to accept the BPO culture. They taught me a lot of things especially on how to resolve the customer’s issue. My multi-tasking skills were enhanced. As technical support, we also handle the customer’s field tech appointment, handle escalations to resolve outages. I’ve been in technical support for almost five years now. I enjoyed being part of their team and then I was promoted as Quality Analyst for almost 4 years. I developed great analytical skills. I was good at doing root cause analysis and finding the best resolution possible to achieve the highest level of frederick-toledo-bkingone’s customer service. My ability to observe and keen attention to detail helped me create spiels for customer representatives to use for effective customer service and customer experience. This helped us reach the targeted numbers for Quality measures. Being with the quality team was priceless, I didn’t notice how time flew by so fast.

I met my wife in the BPO industry and we created a happy family. I have a beautiful daughter, she’s five years old now and a lovely wife. I decided to resign when my wife became pregnant with our second child. My son didn’t make it and after 12 days, he was gone. I realized that life was not fair enough for me. I kept myself-busy to overcome grief. I thought I needed to stand up and start a new life.

Before the pandemic, I was handling our family business where I deliver and supply goods from Olongapo (Subic -that’s what they called) to Makati which is 3-4 hours travel. And now in these times of uncertainty, I have to move on and try the different path of career. I hope my story will help you find my way and become a virtual assistant.

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