Fritz Ryan Duca – CSR and Administrative Assistance

fritz-duca-profileHi! I am Fritz Ryan Duca and this is my story.

I am the son to a deceased public servant and his name is Franco Duca. I am the middle child so I have my older sister and my younger sister. I lost my father when I was still young – and my sisters and I… well, we don’t really get along so I was kind of the outcast of the family.

Years have gone by and I still feel like I am alone. I was never the most intelligent of us 3 siblings, but I did manage to finish my studies on time and with no failing grades which I am very proud of. However, the degree that I took in college, Bachelor of Music Education, is actually not the degree that I was rooting for upon graduating high-school.

I stuck with it though as I did not want to shift courses or have my mother’s hard work be in vain. So I finished my college tenure on time as well. But this is where my dilemma started…

What am I going to do now? I asked myself. I don’t want to be, and I never pictured myself to be an educator or a teacher! But, I tried. Upon graduation college, I took the licensure exam and passed. I started teaching but as it really wasn’t in my blood nor my passion, I struggled. Then one of my college friends invited me to try working in a BPO industry… and so I did.

At first, I was nervous since I was the only beginner (Call Center Virgin – as commonly referred to here in my City) in our batch but I discovered that speaking to people is one of my passions and one of my strengths. I was able to be the top agent of my team continuously and I am really, for the first time, genuinely enjoying my life and job.

I stayed with the company for 2 years and 2 months and then we got the news that our account was closing. I decided to resign and look for another job. This fritz-duca-awardtime, even though it was still a BPO company, I was a back-support agent there. I then took my chance and applied for an Operations Supervisor post in a logistics company and I must say I did a great job there!

I learned in life that you have to do what makes you happy. Life is not a simple song or a game that you just have to go with. I am the captain of my own ship and I commandeer my ship wherever I want to go to as long as I am happy, I am learning and making my value better or even greater at all times.

That is why I ventured into this kind of industry, too. I have my fair share of knowledge in the BPO and Logistics industry and as we all know, we are not getting any younger! So I would like to work in this kind of industry. It will really benefit me and my family if I can work in the comfort of my own place! Whatever the challenges that I will face, I would be more than willing to face and overcome them because, in the end, it will make me an even better person tomorrow.

Thank you for taking the time to read my about my life and my story. Stay positive, stay humble and have a great day!

For a copy of Fritz’s resume please click here.