Niña Jesica Yabes Tolentino – Content Writer and Social Media Manager

nina-jesica-tolentino-profileI’m Niña Tolentino, Millennial. I graduated from IT and am taking my second course, BS Entrepreneurship at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I used to be a corporate slave and decided to leave my job because of the traffic situation in Manila. My salary before was never enough for my lifestyle, food, and travel expenses going back and forth to my office.

I worked for a start-up company that offers a School Management System. I handled all the Mobile Applications for the different school divisions, but before I got into my position, I had a very meaningful college life. I experienced four internships in my college years.

In my first internship, I was an IT assistant. In my second year, I worked for an e-commerce site where I learned how to work in an online business. I was their sales assistant and graphic artist. In my third internship, I was a video editor where I learned how to direct an event and use a different kind of video editing. In my last internship, I was in Quality Assurance. Here I learned about how QA is done and what is the importance of testing all of the software.

Going back to the Province with nothing is one of my problems: how do live without any income. I’m very optimistic about myself because I know I can get a good job with my experience. And then the time came that I became tired looking for a corporate job.

My first VA job was with Syndicate Media Group as a Web Researcher. My main duty was… wait for it: research! Using various methodologies and sources, Researchers must be able to obtain recent and relevant data for their employers. Researchers will often create and administer experiments to obtain data. I sought out peer-reviewed essays and articles. I sometimes interviewed subjects, scanned databases, or located rare texts to get the information they were nina-jesica-tolentino-vaseeking. The methods abound and most Researchers will use a variety of them throughout the course of their career.

While doing a Virtual Job, I also did some blog stuff. I create my own content, photography, and graphic design. For two years maintaining my blog, I honed my skills in online advertising, social media marketing, and content writing. Recently, I have been part of the Social Media Marketing and Advertising course by the Department of Information, Communication, and Technology.

I’m trying to be expressive about how hard it is to earn and to save money by being a corporate slave. Being social about it, I found a new way to earn money while being at home with my family and relatives… and I can get more than what I earn in the corporate world!

Sensory dictates that to be warm with others might help them get interested in what I do, skilling up with fast advancing technology which can also level up their game without going abroad or in the Metro. My mission is to build technology products that empower people’s lives.

For a copy of Niña’s resume please click here.