Gerard Cadacio – CSR, Sales

gerard-cadacio-profileHi, I am Gerard R. Cadacio from Lipa City, Batangas. I grew up in a family of 5, with 2 younger brothers. Being the eldest, I consider myself as the breadwinner for my family.

I started working in 2010 when I first went to Manila. Originally, I was just planning to have a vacation back then, but a friend of mine who was working in the BPO Industry referred me to their company. So I gave it a shot and fortunately, I was hired. Vacation turned into something interesting which is working in an industry that I’m not familiar with. I started working as an Outbound Sales Representative.

Being a Virtual Assistant is something new for me, but the skills that a VA should possess are not far different from what a salesperson like me has. I am certain that I have the necessary skills to successfully do the job adeptly and perform above expectations like what I used to do.

I am a focused professional who has been consistently praised as hard-working by my co-workers and managers. Over the course of my 9-year career, I’ve developed a skillset directly relevant to the role as a Virtual Assistant, including account development, client relations, and competitive analysis. Overall, I have consistently gerard-cadacio-profiledemonstrated communication, multitasking and management abilities in every aspect of my career in my previous company.

I may be new to this field but I am holding on to the experiences I have gained over the past years. To be an effective VA, we should have the R.A.T.E.. R-eliable, A-ttitude, T-alent and E-xperiences. And I believe that these skills are something that I have learned and am still learning as a salesperson. Sales is already in my heart. Being in a Sales Representative role for quite sometime is an edge for me to be hired in other fields with the same skill set.

I am looking forward to be a VA because this is in addition to the current knowledge and experience I have. I also want to experience working in an environment with minimal supervision, learn to work on my own and be successful with what I am passionate for.

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