Ginger Panlilio – Customer Service Specialist

ginger-panlilio-profileHi! My name is Ginger Panlilio and you can call me Ginger or Ginj.

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts major in Communication Arts. I started my BPO career in 2003 with Sykes Asia handling Outbound Sales for a Telecommunications Account. I can still clearly remember the first call I had. It was an elderly lady and I was really having a hard time understanding her. At that time, I asked myself if I was in the right industry? But here I am now still growing and learning.

Just a bit of a trivia about me… Before I entered the BPO industry, I was a freelancer in the Events Industry as a talent in TV Commercials, Soap Opera’s, Movies and Product Launching events. Those were really fun times, I think that was when I picked up the love for travel since some of the events were held out of town.

Going back to my journey in the BPO Industry, the Outbound Sales with Sykes did not last very long so after three months I was moved to Customer Service/Technical Support handling the same account and left after almost 4 years. I felt like I needed to change my environment and explore my options.

In 2007, I had the great opportunity to work at Dell International Services where I was hired as a Coach/Resolution Specialist handling a team of 15 people. During the training, I asked myself again, am I in the right place? Dell by far was the most challenging company that I’ve been with. We have more than 50 tools to familiarise ourselves with, you have to be knowledgeable with computer hardware and at least have an idea about software. There are a lot of changes with the policies and procedures that you have to keep up with everyday. So I felt like I was still studying even though in reality I was already working. The calls that are coming in are usually about order status. The issue can be in processing, fulfillment, production, and shipping. With Dell, we follow a model wherein you will take ownership of the call until the customer’s issue is fully resolved. This means getting in touch with different Departments until the issue is fixed. This is where I learned that having connections is as equally important as your skills and abilities.

With Dell, the set up was, in every team there’s a Team Manager who focuses mainly on Admin tasks and a Coach who does coaching, conducts huddles to update the team of any changes, takes customer’s escalation and assists representatives with anything that has to do with how to resolve customer issues ginger-panlilio-snowincluding basic Technical Issues.

In 2014 I parted ways with Dell and opted to just work from home for a company based in the US. It’s a resale marketplace for concerts, sports and ballet tickets in the US. I work as Customer Service handling Inbound/Outbound calls, send or reply to emails and fix any problems with the tickets. I work directly with my boss who is in the US and also attend to his personal needs like setting up his doctor’s appointments, ordering food, dentist appointments, haircut appointments, etc. I also do reports using Google documents. This is where I learned the ability to assess and initiate things independently.

Studying in a Catholic School from Elementary to College, the value of Integrity was instilled in me and that’s why I always choose to do the right thing and be honest in everything I do even if no one is watching.

I believe that my work experiences will prove how dedicated and loyal I am as an employee.

For a copy of Ginger’s resume please click here.