Gizzle M. Saygo – Social Media and WordPress Manager

gizzle-saygo-profileHey there! My name is Gizzle. I am 28 years of age from DavNor. My friends and family called my Sugar.

I studied at the University of the Cordilleras in the course Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I chose this course because it is all about Human Development, so I could fully understand human beings, their motivations, emotions, and thought processes that could help businesses and organisations make a lasting and meaningful impact in their practices and endeavors. I also took Caregiving in MMS – DTCC. That is an International School based in California and of which Baguio City is a Branch.

My family and I moved to Baguio City in the year 2008 due to family reasons. I started to work as a Nanny during my college days to help cover my tuition fees so I could finish my studies. After 2 years I changed my working environment to a Hotel and Restaurant where I was a Frontliner in Desk. I have been able to practice my professional career when managing customer services, in my telephone etiquette, and when supervising our small team and management.

Because of the commute issues where it took me an hour a day to get to our office for a couple of years, I decided to leave my work and became an English Online Teacher in one of the well-known academies online. I took care of my health and eventually took a different path so I could fulfill my passion for teaching. I worked there for a couple of years. I studied gizzle-saygo-familyEnglish, went to different kinds of trainings and workshops to enhance my knowledge and skills to teach Adults, teenagers and kids. I enjoyed it a lot and I was happy to share my ideas with colleagues and students.

My confidence when speaking in front of people virtually has developed. It has helped me to overcome my fears and develop my self-esteem. I was so happy and feel content whenever I finished my task on time, completed reports and the students have understood my class. This was one of my accomplishments.

Now, being a part-time Online teacher does not give me many challenges, so I have needed to look further afield to satisfy my aggressiveness in working hard. So now I am aspiring to work part-time permanently as a Virtual Assistant and to work home-based! With my office-based experience, I could confidently say that I have transferable skills to work as a VA and take the load off business owners, so as to give them back more time to focus on their goals and attend to other pertinent matters.

Most recently, I finished an intensive Virtual Assistant training course wherein I have learned various online skills that I can readily apply. I can surely say that I am proficient in the following skills: English (speaking and writing), usage of MS Office applications, Google docs/sheets in creating reports or sales presentations. Also, using Gmail for Email management and Schedule management using Google calendar. I’m also adept in using different search engines for research and transferring data using MS apps and Google sheets. I can also handle Social Media Management, some WordPress with SEO or Search Engine Optimization skills. I can also perform other relevant tasks when necessary.

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist now and specialise in Social Media Marketing specifically on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Chatbot Builder or Messenger Marketing and Facebook Ads Specialist. I help clients and businesses build their Online presence and become well-known to boost their engagements so they could meet their sales by attracting prospective buyers and expanding their network.

I am a reliable person. I value a good attitude and characteristics in work. I respect time and consistency in meeting deadlines. I work hard and enjoy ‘technology life’ – checking my emails, or different kinds of work-related communications with clients and the company.

I am a people-person. I like to meet new challenges and I embrace constructive criticism.

I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, watching movies, jogging, or mountaineering, shopping, going on road trips to the beach or new places, or traveling to another local area, and if possible, outside the county.

With that, I am excited to meet you as my future client and partner too. Let us collaborate. Let me showcase my skills and talents that surely will assist you in your daily activities – so you never miss any.

I would glad to meet now and become your Super RockStar VA!


For a copy of Gizzle’s resume please click here.