Glenda Lluz – Customer Support and Team Leader

Virtual Assistant Glenda LluzHello. My name is Glenda, but I’d like to be called Glends. I’m 25 years old and I am the third child among my siblings. I was a very active student back in my elementary and high school days, and while being a consistent honor student, I also took part in a lot of curricular activities in our school.

My interest includes surfing social media sites. It is an activity which I spend most of my weekend time enjoying. Another interest is shopping – even if it’s just window shopping! I also love music… a lot! During my school days I was always assigned to perform an intermission number, and it is my dream to become a singer one day.

I took up Marketing Management, but did not finish my course due to financial circumstances. At that time my parents were separated. My family was not in a good state and so I rebelled. I avoided home and hung out with friends a lot – it was my way of forgetting my family problems. But then there came a time that I decided to change.

I made the decision to work on my own. I tried applying to several call center companies and landed my first job. I was with Expert Global Solution for almost a year and half. I was a Customer Service Representative handling health care accounts and dealing with provider services. At first, I really struggled and even considered leaving. But I focused on my job and thought of the reasons why I was there – I remembered my motivation in life which is my family.

I matured in my work and discovered that I love serving people! I take great pride in providing them with excellent services, which was my responsibility as a Customer Service Representative. I was still working in Expert Global Solutions when I fell pregnant, so I paused my career for a while to take care of my baby. After a year performing maternity duties, I returned to work. I worked as a Field Reviewer Advocate in Altegra Health for a seasonal account. I was a remote team leader back then. I handled a team, assisting them to get medical documents in other facilities. I created reports and performed payroll for my team. It was very complicated but I enjoyed working, and I learned a lot!

Most of my experiences are customer support related, but I am open to new opportunities and new skills. I may not be the same as other people that have a lot of experience, but I know with my motivation and passion for serving others, I can be a great Virtual Assistant.

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