Irene Wahu Nganga – CSR and Administrative Assistant

irene-wahu-nganga-customer-service-representativeHi, I am Irene Wahu Nganga.

Here is where I impress you. Any moment now I’m going to whip out some wizardly words that result in an “Ah” and a few “Oh’s”… but actually no, no I’m not…

You want to know more about me – it is everybody’s favorite topic to talk about themselves and for that I appreciate you taking time to want to know more about me. I hope I get to know more about you too. 🙂

Who am I?

I am a spirit having been put in a human body to experience life and fulfill my purpose here on earth by making it a better place.

My roles are:

* Sister to my six siblings
* A daughter to my parent
* A mother to my son
* A friend
* Youth guiding counselor in my church
* Previous customer care supervisor
* All-rounder Virtual Assistant

That said I came from Kenya, Africa and I wouldn’t trade Kenya to live anywhere else. My experience being a Kenyan has taught me that nothing is impossible in life, and that all it takes is believing in oneself, perseverance, persistence and consistency. At the end of the day, it is what you tell yourself that counts – that is why it is called “Self Esteem” – it comes from me.

Being educated used to be a luxury when I was growing up. Not every family could afford it, and it was even more of a luxury for a girl child. I am grateful that my parents believed in education and I was allowed to attend school and college.

I did Hotel Management in College to diploma level. Kenya is known as a great tourist destination, a very hospitable country, and first responder to refugees. Because of that I was equipped to excel in my chosen career. When I was hired to play role within hotel management, I went through all of the departments within the Hotel Industry so I was fully aware of what each area required to be effective. Within one year of working in the Hilton Hotel I was promoted to the head of the Customer Care Department, and I thrive in it.

As years went by, Kenya became known as the greatest tourist destination that employs more tourists than anywhere else. When visiting Kenya in fact there is a joke that “three quarters of the Kenyan population are tourists”.

It was a plus in my country that there were financial benefits available for me and my family.

I should add that I have also learned that all that glitters is not gold as much, and that what may be profitable in one area of my life is a loss in another. Unfortunately, work became so demanding that I literally did not have time for my well-being or my family. I literally became a stranger to my own son! 🙁

Freelancing started to trend and I joined the band-wagon on a part time basis. I began as a transcriber. Being a self-starter who sees the big picture with strong time management, administrative, and communication skills, I taught myself everything that is required to become an effective VA within one year, and I began making money. One day I handed in my resignation letter to Hilton hotel and went full time as a freelancer, and it was the greatest decision I have ever made.

You will quickly see I am very intuitive, detail oriented and a conscientious individual. I am a passionate perfectionist, and going that extra mile just to satisfy a client is never a problem for me.

I am happy to receive constructive professional correction over the course of our working relationship, and I am always willing to rectify and improve.

I bring the energy, commitment and passion necessary to produce excellence in any project.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. 20% of my earning goes to a girl child charity organisation that I support here in Kenya.

For a copy of Irene’s resume please click here.