Ivory Del Rosario Magno – CSR and Real Estate

ivory-del-rosario-magno-profileHi! I’m Ivory but you can call Ivz.

I am 37 years old from the City of Love, Iloilo, Philippines. I have work experience in Technical support, Customer Service, Sales, Transcription and Virtual Assistance.

Growing up, I never imagined that I would end up working in the BPO industry. I always wanted to play professional sports or be a part of a band. During my college days, the call center industry started booming and all my friends were applying for work and getting good compensation. I was curious and decided to try my luck. I applied in one of the call centers in my city and was fortunate enough to get hired. The funny thing is that, I always remember being mistaken as a woman because of my name, I thought it was somehow insulting at first, but I used it to my advantage during interviews.

For the years I’ve worked in the BPO industry, I learned how to talk to different people around the world, empathise with their needs and even laugh with them during calls. Then a few years back, I got into an accident while playing basketball. I got injured and was advised to stop working for 3 months. When I recovered and applied again for work, it felt like BPO was ivory-del-rosario-magno-rideno longer for me. I tried to work for a year but eventually stopped and then decided to work home based.

I was having difficulty getting accepted at first because I didn’t have any VA experiences in my resume. Then one day, someone hired me to work for their real estate company. I was really enjoying working from home and having control of my environment. During weekends I get to ride my motorcycle and go out of towns.

I’ve always wanted to challenge myself and it keeps me determined to learn and discover whatever I can, whenever I can. All the things I have learned throughout the years, I apply them on a daily basis to my work and to my everyday life.

Thank you for reading my story.

For a copy of Ivory’s resume please click here.