J.J. Joyce Villareal – Graphic Designer and Marketer

Hello, I’m J.J.

Once upon a time, the heavens had a garden filled with buds of different types of flowers, and every time human beings prayed and wished for a child God would ask the Angels to pick a flower from the garden and deliver it down to the human world. The Angels would then descend unto the mortal realm carrying with them, the bud they picked from the holy garden. As they made contact with the atmosphere of our realm the flower bud would bloom into a beautiful baby. Well, that’s how my mother used to answer my question of “where do babies come from”… but we all know how it really happened. 🙂

On June 01, 1994 a mother gave birth to a beautiful baby girl – me. As a child I weighed more than the average baby would. The first words that came out of the doctor’s mouth was “Mam, this child is healthy and big boned”… an excuse I still use up to this day when someone comments about my weight. 🙂

Other than my weight and size as a baby, I had a pretty average childhood and I’m not complaining. My mother and father worked 9-5 jobs while I had my grandmother and grandfather to look after me. My grandmother was a stay-at-home music teacher while my grandfather looked after his chickens. Some days I would wake up to the sound of my grandmother playing music on her piano while my grandfather sat on a couch nearby reading the morning paper. In the afternoons she would tuck me in and read me stories, from Hans Christian Andersen to the Grimm brothers. When she ran out of stories both of us would make up our own story and just throw in random details.

I grew up with a crazy Imagination. I pretended I had wind elemental powers, talked to trees, made a fort out of blankets and pretended I was the Queen of my own castle and my dog was my most trusted Knight. I wrote stories and I drew my characters on a .25 cent notebook and sometimes even on my school textbooks. And that’s when I decided I wanted to practice creating. Creating stories, art and designs is like my own version of giving something life. My father and mother supported me – although they had doubts how their daughter would actually earn something from it! So they made some suggestions and we met half way… and I took up studies in Fine Arts – Major in Advertising Arts, a little mix of Writing, Marketing, and Design, and everything else after that is History!

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