Janice Ann Abog – CSR and Account Manager

Janice Ann Abog Virtual AssistantFirst, I would like to thank you for visiting my profile.

My name is Janice. 🙂

Being a single-mother of 2, does not really mean anything different from a 2-parent family to me and my kids. I have raised them normally and they have never felt ‘incomplete’ as we all live with my whole family.

My mother attends to my kids while I am at work. And when my sisters and brother got married and decided to live in different places, they still visit us so often the house is never empty! We all made sure that my kids will never feel ’empty without a Daddy’. I prefer not to bring that kind of drama into our lives, as I am a get-up-and-go kind of person. With that focus – all things have gone well. 🙂

I have a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and started my work-life in the coffee industry for almost 7 years, here in the Philippines and in Dubai, UAE. I began my coffee journey as a Barista, then a Supervisor, and then Unit Head. After those years in the caffeine world, my eyes turned towards the BPO industry.

In 2010 I started out as a Customer Service Representative in BPO. I then took on the role as a Support Specialist, and my most recent post was an Account Manager / Project Contractor for a VoIP company. The last company that I worked with was considered ‘home-based’ but it was somebody else’s house which was the Manila site for the company based in Chicago.

All those years I worked different shifts… and it has been only in the last month that I have realised that I am missing a lot of life with my kids. I felt surprised to see how much they have grown. Although we have cuddle and talk times every single day, it always breaks my heart that we have to stop for a while as Mummy has to prepare for work. This realisation is what has led me to decide to search for a home-based job, and this time, in my own home!

Previous work success proves I can easily adjust to a schedule and work load that I am assigned. I have always been very particular with details and make sure that results are beyond satisfactory, as I take every task seriously. I have always made sure to put my heart into whatever I do and take ownership of any given task.

Finding a place as a Virtual Assistant would be perfect for single parents like me. Nothing is more heart-warming than knowing how my kids are doing while I am at work just in the next room.

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