Jemaimah S. Campos – Customer Service Representative

jemaimah-campos-profileHi, my name is Jemaimah Campos. You can call me Jem or Mai.

I grew up in a small town here in the Philippines with my 4 siblings. We live by ourselves since we do not have parents anymore. Our mother abandoned us when I was 7 years old and our father died when I was 11. Growing up without parents made me live independently.

I took up Bachelor of Science Psychology for only 2 years. I didn’t have the chance to finish my studies because of financial difficulties. My siblings can’t afford to send me to school anymore. That’s when I decided to find a job, to stand on my own and to be able to support my needs.

My first job was with a BPO company. I have worked in this industry for a year and a half. I have experience in Customer Service, Technical support and Email Management. Working in BPO taught me how to multitask, manage time, become adept with certain computer software and be a responsible team player.

After working in BPO, I worked as a Receptionist/Admin Staff in an Art Gallery. My job as part of the Admin Staff includes social media management, email management, sales, date entry and inventory. I also welcome guests and explain to them the artworks on display in the gallery. This experience was really overwhelming for me. You get to meet people who have beautiful minds, are honest and sincere in the career they chose as jemaimah-campos-with-dogan Artist. What I learned working in the Gallery is to always speak your mind, be confident dealing with people and always listen because when you listen you can learn new things.

I decided to quit my job as an Admin Staff/Receptionist because my cousin-in-law introduced me to the world of freelancing. I really like the idea of working within the comfort of your own home. She gave me a part time job and I sometimes assist her with her workload from her remote client. She really pushed and supported me to become a Virtual Assistant. She trained me on how to become an effective VA. So here I am seeking a job as a Virtual Assistant.

If you hire me to be part of your company, please know I am willing to learn new skills and I will truly give my 100% to provide a positive outcome and to satisfy not just the company I am working with but also the clients/customers.

For a copy of Jemaimah’s resume please click here.