Nathan Riel Caballero

Nathan Caballero - Customer Service Representative Well, first of all, I am Senior High School Graduate from one of the biggest Universities in our city. I graduated late due to my behavior. I dropped out from school when I was in my 3rd year in High School because during that time, I never cared about my future. But when [...]


Addisalem Sison Laureles

Addisalem Laureles - Sales Specialist, Quality Assurance After having several failed attempts in completing my studies due to financial difficulties, I finally went to pursue my college education under a government scholastic program. I had to tutor high school and elementary students, as well as college math students, worked as a Student Assistant in the PE department, and finally [...]


Areej Angelica C. Sanchez

Areej Sanchez - Administrative Assistant Hi! I am Areej Angelica C. Sanchez or you can also call me by my nickname Rijelle. I am the only child to a seaman and a businesswoman. They both raised me through hard work and sacrifices by working abroad, leaving me with my aunt in the meantime until my mother stopped working to [...]


Karla Franceska E. Canto

As I am not quite sure what you chose, therefore I cannot say if you got it right or wrong, so I am saying it anyway. The answer is number 2!! For some reason and I know it is not common, but I don’t like chocolates or anything with chocolate in it or on it. I guess I just don’t like the taste. Weird? But true. karla-franceska-canto-travelI am very organised when it comes to almost everything, I tend to go overboard with my obsession for orderliness and cleanliness. However, I think I can use this to my advantage as it is very useful when it comes to work. I am very used to having everything planned out. I like having a clear list of my tasks and even giving myself time-frames to ensure that I stick to a certain schedule or goal I set for myself.


Marianne Tansley

Looking for an experienced, practical and efficient administrator who can use common sense? Here I am! With over 20 years’ of administration experience across a range of industries, I can assist you with any of your general admin needs, ranging from data entry and correspondence, to complex travel arrangements and writing grants and newsletter content. Having worked in both public and private sector offices, I’m able to adapt my working and writing styles to fit into different systems, use new terminology and jargon, and bring order wherever I go.