Jerson Sajonas Acosta – Customer Care Representative

jerson-acosta-profileHi, Good day! My name is Jerson Acosta and you can call me by my first name.

I’m 25 years old and a secondary graduate. A lot of people ask why I didn’t reach the college level and I always answer them that we really couldn’t afford it. Although, I really wanted to finish my education, I didn’t want my mom to suffer a lot just to send me to college. By then I had started looking for a job anyway.

I started as one of the maintenance personnel at a major mall in Baguio City. Then, I worked as a Merchandiser, to a package counter personnel and even as a stock clerk. One day, I met up with one of my friends who was working as a call center agent during that time and she said why not try call center. So, I thought about – many times! – and finally decided to try applying. At first, I was rejected due to being a non-degree holder but I didn’t give up and I joined some of the free courses offered to enhance my English communication skills. After that, I tried again to apply to one of the call center companies in Baguio City and luckily I was accepted.

I’ve worked as a customer service representative for more than 4 years and during that period, I was able to meet a lot of people and made some acquaintances. I was also part of the Learning Team as a training facilitator during the company’s ramping season. I joined the leadership training that was conducted by a Senior Learning Manager where I was to learn a lot of things, especially about handling a team.

jerson-acosta-by-the-parkI handled two batches for Voice/Chat and Email LOB’s (line of business) and enjoyed teaching them about the company policy, product specifics and some tips to enhance their communication skills. It was also my responsibility to send end of day reports to my managers, input data information of the newly hired agents, answer blast emails for the updates, provide one on one coaching, manage the schedule for the set lessons of the day and the availability of the training rooms that we would be using. I also have knowledge in MS Excel and Microsoft Office.

Now, I’m looking forward to gaining more experience as a virtual assistant and applying my skills. I don’t have a virtual assistant experience (yet!) but I have a determination and eagerness to do the job well. Thank you for reading!

Have a wonderful day!

For a copy of Jerson’s resume please click here.