John Benedict Santos – ESL Teacher

benedict santos vaI was born in the Philippine Islands in the year of ’84. I grew up in a small family of 5. I have two older siblings who taught me a lot about living.

Back as a teenager, I began working part time on summer vacations. Then after I finished high school, I worked in a video rental shop, which I ran for more than 3 months. There I learned many things; getting to know other people, interacting and conversing with them, gaining an insight into my client’s different characteristics.

I continued my studies in college as a Computer Technologist but had to stop due to some difficulties… and suddenly became a young father at 20 years of age. Now I had to concentrate more on bringing up my family and working in different fields to build a career. I first worked as a merchandiser, then I went into sales where I developed my selling skills.

After a few more different fields I got to apply as an English Language Teacher and stayed for 2 years in this profession. I enjoyed communicating with my students as most of them where professionals. Not only did I teach them, they also taught me useful lessons.

Working gave me a lot of new skills that I developed and shared with others. I learn quickly and I am proactive – using assorted methods to perform my job and satisfy my clients.

Thanks for taking your time in getting to know me a bit. I hope I get to work with your team in the future.

For a copy of John’s resume please click here.