Joseph Reyvin De La Rita – Technical Support, Project Manager

joseph-reyvin-de-la-rita-profileHello my name is Joseph Reyvin de la Rita.

I am a graduate of Computer Science and was able to work for a private company for about 2 years. The company that I worked for created a system to make the process of school reports, awards and other requirements for the Department of Education a lot easier to do. I worked there as Tech Support at first because it still was a growing company. Despite having a position, we would multitask to being a marketing agent, telephone support, online support, tech specialist as well as perform physical visitations. As a fresh graduate, I wasn’t really confident in the things that I did because they were all so new to me. But still I managed to accomplish the entire tasks for the beginning school year. Busy days are usually in the months of May to August because of new teachers and staff coming into the schools.

I have easily adapted to different kinds of situations that the company has given me in the past 2 years. I am also a fast learner because I have been given three job titles/positions – namely

1) Tech Support
2) Project Manager
3) Marketing Agent

joseph-reyvin-de-la-rita-beachThey let me be the head Project Manager because of how easy I could interact and understand with clients with their needs, especially with customisations and system requests. And I’d try to help them to my utmost, not just by accomplishing their requests, but also ensuring that they would be satisfied with the results received.

My coworkers used to tell me that I am a people’s person, highly likeable and approachable despite being a male. I tend to give out positive vibes, not just to my coworkers but to boost myself to do even better than I did yesterday. I am a jolly guy with friends and family, but would give my 100% to the tasks given to me and would accomplish it with accuracy and sincerity.

I also love to go out and take part in sports. I tend to go out and play basketball with friends. Sometimes on weekends we’d go for a ride in the mountains and just hang out with friends and love ones. Being away from all the distractions from the busy city life helps me to be at peace with myself, and also having a pet cat in the house helps too in my case, so that I can continue to perform my best with the work or tasks that are given to me.

For a copy of Joseph’s resume please click here.