Justine Fahd Masukat – Office Administration and Management

justine-masukat-travelHi! I’m Justine Fahd Masukat. I am 30 years of age, currently married and have just started a small online business here in Davao City, Philippines.

I graduated Bachelor of Science Major in Political Science in Ateneo de Davao University. After graduating, I worked as a Medical Representative for a year selling medical equipment such as titanium mesh for hernia and other disposable medical equipment. During this stage in my life, I learned to be confident while talking to medical professionals and I conquered my fear of public speaking by presenting medical products to hospital board of directors.

After gaining work experience as a Medical Representative, I decided to leave the Philippines to study and work in Australia for a greener pasture. During my stay in Perth WA, I studied Diploma in Community Services in North Metropolitan TAFE Joondalup Campus. While studying, I landed a job with IdentityWA as a disability and family support worker. I started my job as a disability support worker in a shared living environment where we provide daily support for 6 individuals.

In the duration that I stayed with the company, I developed my skills in corporate organising, budget planning and coordinating with the family and different agencies that caters to the needs of the people we support. After a year, IdentityWA offered me a family support worker role. I supported 3 individuals from their family helping the clients with their weekly shopping and grocery, accompanying the clients with their medical checkups and joining them with their recreational activities. My most unforgettable experience working as a disability support worker was taking 6 clients for a 3-day holiday at Bunbury Western Australia. The greatest lesson I learned from this experiences was whoever the person we are supporting, we can help them achieve their goals and have a meaningful life.

When my student visa expired, I returned to my home country and with the little savings I got, I started a small business and got married.

Getting married was the happiest and proudest moment of my personal life because together with my wife, we planned and executed a “do it yourself” wedding. Allow me to tell you what went down…

First we were planning an intimate wedding of 60 people; it was themed Rustic Filipino. The plan was to have a little party. It was easy organising it all by ourselves because we can tap into small businesses to cater for our event. But as months passed by, our parents got involved in the planning and they invited more guests. From 60, it swelled to 300 and worst of all, the date was changed! It was not a small party anymore. It became a full blown wedding event. The changes were so close to our new wedding date that we needed to make huge adjustments, adding and changing suppliers along the way while making sure we were not blowing out our budget. Setting appointments with a new host, band, adding food suppliers and making sure that a week before the wedding everything is polished. It was a 2 month roller coaster ride!

To sum it all up, I realised everyone needs someone – someone to rely on to take up some of the task. In these changing times, let me help you create opportunities for your company to reach its goals and achieve its best potential.

Just as George Bernard Shaw said “Don’t wait for the right opportunity; create it.”

I can’t wait to hear about your dreams and goals and help you achieve it the best way that I can.

For a copy of Justine’s resume please click here.