Kate Erilyn S. Ocampo – CSR and Certified Financial Advisor

kate-erilyn-ocampo-formalHello 🙂

I am a customer service representative who has a great background in different fields. The skills I’ve learned overtime are continously growing and improving. I am confident that I can perform well in whatever field because I know that with the correct mindset, everything is possible.

Knowing what kind of client or customer is what I am good at. Over the years, I have already mastered how to respond and approach to different personalities. Customers may not be always right, and I have to make them feel like they are, but I can also make them realise what they really need and what is really achievable.

I am also able to absorb new learnings because I believe that personal growth is continuous and it should never be stopped. I have kate-erilyn-ocampo-with-the-donutthis mindset that change is inevitable, so you have to be ready for it. What better way to be prepared but to make yourself ready for room for improvements and new information.

The skills I have right now are sufficient to whatever life will bring me. However, I don’t and will never be complacent because I believe that I have to deliver what I have promised. Quality should never be compromised because that is how people will entrust you with their business.

Be one with your work. Be part of the business. Own your product or craft.

For a copy of Kate’s resume please click here.