Kenneth Lamanilao – CSR and Junior Admin

kennith-lamanilao-profileHi, I’m Ken!

As professionals say, the real challenge of a student is not in school but in the real world outside of school.

I graduated in the University of Mindanao Tagum in April 2012. I took up Business Administration Major in Management Accounting. After I graduated, I immediately looked for a job to help my parents. I was hired as an Assistant Supervisor in a Department Store at a nearby town. As a new graduate and a new employee, it was really challenging. You have to adapt to the new environment, new people that surround you and stand for 8 hrs. straight. But you cannot please everyone around you, so I resigned after a month.

I started looking for another job. I always try to figure out what really is my passion. I applied in different companies but I failed. But thank God, after many tries, I was hired by a Car Company in Davao City. I was a Liaison Officer. Here I learned to be a go getter. Aside from going to different offices to process papers, I also helped with paperwork at the office. But unfortunately, I had to resign again.

I tried my luck in BPO companies in the same city. I have been in the BPO industry for 3 years now working as a Customer Service Representative for Sales and Billing account. The tasks included answering calls from abroad, email management, Ms Word and Excel. The job taught me not only on how to take calls, answer emails, typing, and providing solution but to be the solution. Also the job taught me to have more patience in dealing with foreign customers. Since Davao City has a low rate in Customer Service job, I tried my luck in Manila.

I went there in February 2018, and was hired as a Collection Specialist in a BPO company in Taguig. It felt good because the job is closely related to my course. My task was more on paperwork and less in calls. It includes checking and follow up for payments, doing calls and answering emails.

Since Manila encountered many crises, I decided to go home and try my luck in home based jobs. Luckily, I found 2 jobs online. I was hired as a Junior Admin Staff and the other one was Appointment Setter. Before I found these two jobs, it took months for me to have these jobs. Hundreds of applications sent, hundreds of rejections I received, but I kept trying and trying. I also got scammed but I never lose hope. I kept on trying and then I landed my first job, not just kennith-lamanilao-sportone, but two.

In my Junior Admin job in an Insurance Company, my tasks included payrolls for all the employees, making outlines and guidelines for clients and employees, internet researching, taking calls and making calls, email management and interview applicants. In my Appointment setter job at a Driving School, my tasks included taking and making calls for driving class schedule, make a report in Google sheet and email management and I also follow up clients and instructor for their schedule.

During my spare time, I love browsing through my social media platforms like FB and Instagram. I also like watching different videos on Youtube, but most of my spare time I play online games.

Thank you very much for reading my story I hope it inspires you and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!

For a copy of Kenneth’s resume please click here.