Kimberly Amoin – Customer Service Specialist

kimberly amoin vaHi. My name is Kimberly Amoin.

I am a Mass Communication graduate. After obtaining my degree, I searched for a job so that I could help my parents as I wanted to repay all the sacrifices they have made for me, especially financially.

I have performed the roles of Customer Service Representative and Technical Support Specialist for 3 years. After 3 years working in the BPO industry, I tried to look for a better opportunity and I wanted to pursue my dream as a Cabin crew.

I applied to various to Airline companies but with no luck. But I promised myself that somehow, I will make my dream come true as a Cabin Crew Member someday. As I didn’t have any luck with applying to be part of a Cabin Crew I decided to go back into the BPO industry. I was suffering financially, and fortunately I was hired quickly as a Patient Care Coordinator.
As a Patient Care Coordinator, I set up delivery for the medication of a patient and also set up appointments for the patients with their doctors. I enjoyed working in the industry as I learned a lot of things everyday… or I should say that everyday was a new challenge for me.

kimberly-amoin-going-out-with-familyBut eventually I needed to give up my job as I got pregnant and I was diagnosed with high-risk pregnancy. I had to give up my job just to save the life of my baby. I felt my world was crashing into a million pieces as I faced the undeniable, yet somehow unbelievable, reality that I was pregnant. Staring at a positive pregnancy test, I realised my life would never be the same. I was filled with overwhelming fear, guilt, shame, and anger at myself for allowing this to happen. I knew better. My parents raised me better.

Making lifestyle changes, sacrificing my body, my emotions, and my time are all big sacrifices… but in the end, when I was holding my baby in my arms, I knew it was all worth it. I got through it and the experience made me a better person and it made my life better. I chose life and God changed mine. The joy I have now is a result of my life’s greatest struggle so far.

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