Kimberly Joy Gacuma – Virtual Assistant

kimberly-joy-gacuma-vaHi! My name is Kimberly and this is my story…

Growing up wasn’t easy being the eldest daughter in the family. We moved from one place to another until fate led us all here to Cebu.

I took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Unfortunately, I dropped out of college when I reached my 3rd year. I was away from my family and I felt so helpless at that time. Right after dropping out of school I searched for jobs – anything that was available for undergrads. That was the first time I tried my luck in the BPO industry.

Unfortunately, I guess that wasn’t my time yet! I was not able to make it even through to the final interview. So after several tries, I gave up looking for jobs in the BPO industry. Like what they say – when one door closes, another opens – and I was hired as an Administrative Assistant to the Barangay Secretary in a local government unit.

This role rapidly developed my communication and administrative skills. After a few
months, I tried applying again to a BPO company and luckily, I was hired! I survived all the training, however when the kimberly-joy-gacuma-vacationnesting phase came, it was like a culture shock for me. I was literally crying going home right after taking the calls. But that didn’t stop me! I was determined to give it another try. I applied again with another BPO company and was hired again. This time I was determined not to fail. I can still remember this question from my interviewer – what is your goal for the next five years? I answered him honestly – “I don’t set goals, I don’t like failures. I just have to do my best everyday, enjoy the moment and see where it will take me”.

Through hard work and consistent quality of work I delivered every single day. My supervisor noted this and recommended me for joining the escalations team. This role taught me to be more inquisitive about the process, and I never stopped learning. There was always this urge to solve every issue that I came across everyday.

I was living the best time of my life when I fell pregnant. Unfortunately, I was left being a single mum.

Multitasking is my best talent. At that time I was juggling motherhood, being a responsible daughter, a sister and my corporate job. But then my daughter became unwell and my sister who was my helping hand decided to leave to pursue her career. I know there are inevitable times like this and I had to make choice – I left my job. This was when I decided to try my luck again and this time look for work home-based.

After how many applications, finally a client noticed me and gave me my first Virtual Assistant job.

I believe I will be a great addition to your team. With my determination, hard work, and dedication I believe I can perform the tasks you need done. After all, I am doing this for the love of my daughter and my family.

For a copy of Kimberly’s resume please click here.