Lani B. Soria – CSR and Sales Specialist

lani-soria-sports-attireI have been thinking how to start my story. There’s a lot in mind! I would say I had a very happy childhood. I liked hanging out with friends from the countryside. We could go anywhere. Most people in my neighbourhood are my relatives, so it was safe wherever we went. I was, and still am, a fun-loving person.

High school was even more fun for me. I joined in sports, particularly volleyball (which I started way back in 4th grade). I love the sport so much that even when I attended college I tried to join the varsity team. I passed the initial screening, with great feedback. But sadly I wasn’t able to pursue the sport because my college department wouldn’t adjust schedules for my classes. They said that I might as well go to another department if I wanted the play the sport that much. The prospect of changing courses at that time really wasn’t an option for me. My heart was torn but I didn’t have any choice in the matter.

Unfortunately, I was unable to finish my college degree due to a financial crisis in my family. My mother was the only one supporting us at that time, and she was struggling. So the story goes…

I started looking for job and landed a position in the BPO industry. I struggled at first as it was a technical account, and the position involved DSL tech support. It took me almost a year before I really got the hang of it. That position lasted five years.

I then moved to another BPO company in which I handled financial accounts. That role lasted for more than a year. It was hard and much more stressful than my previous job – which I loved by the way! After the 12 months I had to let the position go and I think it was at that time when I got “lost” along the way. I wasn’t happy with what I was doing and started to think that perhaps I should go back to college and finish my degree. That decision didn’t turn out to be successful though, as again I stopped.

I already had my own family that I was taking care of, but I also tried working abroad – in Dubai, UAE for more than a year. Apart from the company not paying me on time, I began to feel so homesick that I just went home. I am a family person, I like to look after my family all the time. I am very hands-on with my kids and I am most happiest when I am with them. For this reason I wanted to work home based. This allows me to be near my kids and help my husband support our family.

I am very open to feedback and very willing to be trained. I would really love to be perform admin tasks.

Right now I’m at the age where I can say with full confidence that I know where my life is going and what I want to do. Other things that I love doing now are collecting different currencies, watching movies, and I would love to be travelling more abroad.

I love helping other people with whatever I have. That makes me happy – it makes my heart smile. People say I have a very tender heart and I admit I do give a lot – even to people that I don’t know. I respect other people, whatever or whoever they are, and I believe that we are all equal.

I appreciate you taking the time to read a bit about me to find out who I am. I am a very genuine person and I make sure to treat everybody with respect, care and love, just like my family. I hope we get to meet as you will be a family for me too.

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