Lesle Abejero – Marketing and Administrative Assistant

lesle-abejero-profileHey! I’m Lesle, I know I’ve got a short and unique spelling of a name, but my mother said, it’s not her fault, it’s the fault of the nurse who misspelled it (very defensive, right?!) (wink). But anyway, I love my name and it gives me an extra edge or uniqueness among others. As they said, it’s a beautiful mistake (love it!)

I grew up in a family of 5, me being the middle child and the eldest daughter. I was a working student back then. I chose to work even if my parents didn’t want to because I just got bored staying at home and I wanted extra money, of course. I worked as a service crew on the different fast-food chains. I secured a permanent position in one of those stores and worked there for 2 years as a cashier, dining service, and even as a cook. That was the start of my experience in customer service.

I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science Business Administration major in Marketing Management. After graduation, I applied for a Managerial position in a fast-food chain, obviously because I already have work experience in that industry. But it didn’t last long because I just got tired of the work schedule and I was still young and I wanted to explore other opportunities.

I applied to a local bank branch as New Accounts. This is where my banking industry work experience started. I learned how to collect data and analyse documents in this job and I also applied my experience in customer service. After this, I moved to another local bank. I worked as an Admin Assistant in the main office of a business loan department. From being an Admin Assistant, I was promoted and became a Marketing Assistant. I have worked there for 5 years.

I resigned when I got pregnant with my first child. I chose to work in a nearer workplace because I value the time I can spend with my child. I was hired in a BPO company, ANZ-GSO, which is a foreign bank. I learned so much in this company. I learned to handle the new and existing accounts, monitoring the requirements and background checking of the company. I became a KYC (Know Your Customer) Onboarding specialist and Periodical Report Analyst. I also became a Process Trainer where I trained new hires in our team for the process I handled.

lesle-abejero-parkSadly, our team got decommissioned, and I took this as I sign that I need to prioritise my children; by this time I already had 2 sons.

I decided to become a Virtual Assistant due to the idea that I can work at home, spend more time with my kids, especially now that I home-schooled them. I love my career, and I know I can help other companies with the skills and expertise I have. I am excited to learn more about this industry. Trying to get what they call “work-life balance”.

I hope you can help me start my career here. You can check my resume if you need more information or just contact me, we can discuss how we can grow together.

For a copy of Lesle’s resume please click here.