Luishann C. Look – Financial Advisor and Personal Assistant


My name is Luishann Catamco, born and raised in Zamboanga City, Philippines. I used to have a happy life with my parents, siblings and my two aunties. However, things took a detour when we found out that my father had a mistress. My parents separated and that’s where all our struggles began. I was left without a choice but to study and work at the same time. I worked at a fast food chain as one of the service crew, a sales lady at a boutique and became a freelance promotional girl. Life was tough for us, but luckily we have our two aunties who are always there to help and support us.

I was in my third year at university when an unexpected miracle came into my life – I fell pregnant. In order to take care of my baby, I decided to stop studying for a while and become a full time mum. I wanted to be with my baby all the time, but I knew that it’s my responsibility to give her a good life. I decided to pursue my studies again and eventually graduated with a degree in Bachelor in Physical Education.

luishann-catamco-partyAfter graduation, I was very eager to find a job. I wanted to become a teacher, but the first job opportunity that came my way was to become a Medical Representative. Although this was not my field of expertise, I still took it for the sake of my family. A few months after my employment, the company suddenly filed for bankcruptcy.

I took a new job as a personal secretary for an attorney, executive assistant to a manager, and a financial consultant at an Insurance Company. Because of these experiences, I became flexible in any work environment.

I can do admin work, sales, and more. I can easily adjust and adapt because I am always willing to learn new things.

Later on I realised that I was already working too much that I no longer had enough time for my husband and child. This is the reason why I want to pursue Virtual Assistantance because I can work from home and be a good mother and wife to my little family. I know I am new to this but with my willingness and dedication, I know I can be a good Virtual Assistant.

I am a work in progress. I know better opportunities will open for me to help develop my skills. It is my pleasure to be at you service.

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