Lyndon Ardel Suarez – Web Developer

lyndon-ardel-suarez-profileHello! My name is Lyndon Ardel. Most people called me Ardel.

Being the eldest child in our family is somewhat hard. Life is hard because we have been in the below moderate living bracket. I undertook hard-labour just to make money to cover my needs as I was growing up. I wasn’t used to asking my parents for money. I am grateful that I experienced those hardships, even today, because this is what life is about. You must endure the hardship to succeed. Losing my father was a burden to me too, because I was forced to take-over. As a young boy I was overwhelmed by the responsibility of playing the role of my father.

Currently, I am a 4th year Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Undergraduate. Unfortunately, I had to stop my studies because I had to find work to cover the daily needs of my family and to help my mum cope with those expenses.

About my work experience…

lyndon-ardel-suarez-bondingActually, I am a newbie to this industry, Online Freelancing. I don’t have relevant experience as yet with this kind of job.

But I do have experience for this job because it is somewhat related to my niche. I experienced different tasks during intense training called ”DigitalJobsPh” where I learned the different tasks/work that would be performed by an Online Freelancer, particularly a Virtual Assistant.

This includes, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, CRM Management, and Develop a Website (Using WordPress). I also experienced finding leads using different leads software, performing web search, email scraping, and data entry.

On the lighter side, my hobbies are going to the beach and relaxing, playing basketball, doing workout activities, and sometimes sleeping. 🙂

For a copy of Lyndon’s resume please click here.