Ma. Cristina V. Demetillo – CSR, ESL Tutor and Administrative Assistant

ma-cristina-demetillo-formal“I do the very best I know-how, the very best I can, and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.”
― Abraham Lincoln

Hi there! My name is Ma. Cristina Demetillo, from Bacolod City, Philippines.

I grew up as a person full of motivation coming from a simple family. Life was a little bit hard for me when I was a student, especially financially. But I never gave up. Fortunately, I passed the scholarship program in our city and got the full tuition subsidy which helped me pursue and gain a Graduate Diploma in Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in 2003. I finished my degree in one of the best universities in the Philippines which truly made me proud. I strove hard during my school days to balance my studies and work. I worked part-time in a famous fast-food chain as a cashier and I handled customer service. I also worked a summer job during vacation. I never stopped thinking how to earn since I really needed to.

Life is what you make it! I always remind myself: “If you want to have a good life then you have to work on it. Put everything in it!”

ma-cristina-demetillo-vacationMy work experiences may not be related to my bachelor’s degree, but it was not a big deal for me. After I graduated, I worked as a cellphone technician and a customer sales representative for three years.

I also performed as a Branch Head of a famous and reliable computer service company for two years. I was responsible for the whole operation of the company, selling products and performing the after-sales service.

I also acquired administrative skills when I was entrusted to handle the Alumni Office of one of the best Chinese schools in Bacolod. I was designated to do clerical jobs, arrange meetings and appointments, prepare PowerPoint presentations during board meetings, create reports of their projects – such as livelihood and scholarship programs, and organise activities and events.

I quit my job when we struggled to have a baby and that was never a regret for me. I fell pregnant. But I must admit being a ‘plain housewife’ is not my thing… so I had a lot of business ventures in my life. I took a lot of risks and became more aggressive when it comes to chasing success. I have never stopped being productive, so I entered the world of ESL jobs. I’ve been an effective teacher for Chinese and Japanese young and adult learners for almost three years now. But I always dream more, because I know I can do more!

All these experiences helped me to adopt excellent work ethics. I was trained professionally and learned the value of reliability. I can work under pressure and I’m great at multi-tasking. I know I can make my client’s life easier.

Thank you for reading my story! I’m looking forward to working with you soon as your Virtual Assistant. Have a great day!

For a copy of Cristina’s resume please click here.