Maria Agnes Cariaga – CSR and eCommerce Specialist

maria-agnes-cariaga-profileMy freelancing journey…

I am Maria Agnes Cariaga. I’m 35 years old. My husband works on the maintenance and services of swimming pools. I have a 3-year-old daughter. We are a simple, basic family.

Before I learned how to be a virtual assistant, I was a housewife doing housework. I sold Special Cosmetics online to earn an extra income.

I started my freelancing journey 2 years ago. I entered the industry with zero knowledge. I just knew how to use a computer! I am an OFW in my previous professional experience.

The good thing is that I am resourceful and have a very strong determination to do the things I want to do. God is so good that I have a friend working online who introduced me and helped me become a virtual assistant. She taught me and allowed me to perform her tasks for some clients.

I joined a group of freelancers and participated in free online courses and workshops. I used to watch Youtube and search on Google. A friend of mine recommended me to my first client for which I became part of the Customer Service Department at Your Concierge company based in the USA, in which we managed social accounts, such as Facebook, Hi5 dating sites and Tag accounts, as well as their emails on Yahoo and Gmail.

I was also assigned the role of a Customer Chat Service Officer who manages e-mail inquiries and complaint orders for an e-commerce company (Shopify). I am a Bachelor of Science Psychology student – therefore, I am confident enough to be in customer service. I know how to deal with complex clients in diplomatic ways and with maximum tolerance while maintaining optimism. I am a good researcher and I enter data quickly.

I strongly believe that lack of experience in this job will not be a barrier, because skills can be learned.

One of my advantages is that I am a hardworking woman. Multitasking is often considered a challenge, but for a very well-organised person like me, it will not be a problem at all.

You can trust me with less supervision over any task and be sure that your investment in me is well worth it.

I am the kind of person that is very eager to meet expectations and persistent to the extent that I can go the extra mile for the satisfaction of my clients. If I am given the opportunity to have a job as a VA I would gladly offer all of my efforts to be successful in my job.

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