Maria Shermaine Salunga – Customer Service Representative

VA Maria SalungaHello there, it’s me, Maine.

I’m just a simple girl raised in Pampanga, one of the Provinces in the Pearl of the orient sea – Philippines.

We are only two siblings – I have a brother who is now residing in Japan with his wife. I live with my Mum and other relatives. I have a 3-year-old son – a VERY active baby boy. LOL

I first started my career in the BPO industry. My first job way back then was as a Customer Service Representative in a company based in the USA. Then I worked as a collection specialist and stayed in that position for a year.

After that I decided to move to a different company with the aim of enhancing my skills in being a service-oriented person. I handled a Telco account in the position as a General Care Representative. We took care of basic billing inquiries and account status, as well as basic trouble shooting on the client’s mobile phones. I was familiar with this work as I had also handled a technical account in my previous job, trouble shooting and performing sales.

Working in the BPO industry is not as easy as one would think. I worked on the graveyard shift because we needed to follow our customer’s time zones. But I can say that it is fun and challenging. You need to undergo fairly intensive training and pass all of the exams before you are allowed on the production floor to take phone calls.

Stress was one of the things that challenged me most in the beginning, but eventually I became used to it. I gave a positive spin to everyday things, because at the end of the day, providing the best customer experience to our clients rewards me most.

I then ventured in the world of virtual world, so I could work from home performing administrative tasks. I am currently working as a VA for an Australian based company. I handle settlements, create emails, and chat to handle customer’s concerns. I also assign technicians to our customers, calling them to inform them about their schedule, and then assigning it to Microsoft Outlook and our CRM.

I believe that my experiences will be my asset because I know that I will be able to contribute to my client’s success in the future. I know that I’m not an expert VA… yet… but I love learning new things and have the ability to grasp concepts and skills very quickly. I am a hard-working person, honest and can work independently. I know that in order to be successful, the first thing is to fall in love with your work. And I do love to work!

“In order to become successful, you must only promise what you can deliver, AND deliver more than what you’ve promised.”

For a copy of Maria’s resume please click here.