Marilyn David – CSR and Online Arbitrage Specialist


marilyn-david-profileI have attended several Virtual Assistant trainings, particularly with Amazon. I used to work as an Online Arbitrage Specialist where I sourced profitable products to be sold on Amazon using the software Tactical Arbitrage, Jungle Scout, and OA Xray. I am experienced in using the Price Checker and The Wholesale Formula (TWF) for product analysis, the Gmass for bulk sending of messages to suppliers. I can navigate the Amazon Seller Central for responding to buyer’s messages, feedback and reviews, daily monitoring of product inventory, and listing of products using the Flat File of Amazon.

I performed data research for a client who challenged me to complete the task within 24 hours – challenge accepted and I am happy that I was able to do it.

My very first work being a Virtual Assistant was as a Chat Support Agent/Staff for a US mobile unlocking company. It was short lived but I learned a lot. We used, a software used for responding to client’s inquiries with regards to their subscriptions and technical issues that they have.


marilyn-david-vaI am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Business Management. I juggled between my studies and work (service crew at a fast food chain) during my college years. I had to do this so I could support my studies. I am the eldest among 5 and I belong to a poor family. My goal back then was to finish my studies, and then work to send my siblings to school so they can help me as well.

After college, I was lucky to have my very first office work, which I thought would take me to forever since I stayed with them for 18 years. I started as an office staff member, became a Supervisor then ended up as an Administrative Officer.

Wondering why I left? It was actually a hard decision that I had to make during that time. I am forever grateful to this company. All my life, I kept myself focused at work, gave up much time and effort, made my own family (husband and children) my second priority just to earn more. I thought that giving my children what they wanted and more would make them happy, but I was wrong. My children are more comfortable being with their dad and I felt like a stranger. So, it was time to sacrifice my work and be a mother to them by giving them my time, my attention and care.

How about my financials? I am used to making myself busy with work. I want to help my husband with our financial needs without sacrificing quality time for my children so I searched the internet on how to work at home. I learned about being a Virtual Assistant, joined every VA group in Facebook, registered for webinars and paid trainings.


I am not an expert, I am a newbie, I’ve just had a few VA experiences and being an office worker for 18 years on a corporate world is nothing when it comes to being a Virtual Assistant – but I have been through much hardships, through ups and downs and it will never STOP me from achieving my goals. I am willing to go back and start over and to join trainings to enhance my skills further. 🙂

For a copy of Marilyn’s resume please click here.