Mark Anthony Maja Alolor – CSR and Operations Manager

mark-anthony-alolor-formalI am a seasoned VA with several expertise. I can perform Data entry, Ads Optimisation, Sales and Marketing. Before becoming a full time Virtal Assistant, I worked as a call center agent. I started from the bottom and worked my way up to become a supervisor.

I realised that I have a certain gift when it comes to solving problems because I pay close attention to details. I then decided to work as a Virtual Assistant and became good at it. I am passionate about working as a VA because I like helping and assisting other people with their needs.

As a VA, it is our duty to be the first line of support in order to manage any issues that may arise. You can make your client’s life mark-anthony-alolor-ridecomfortable by filtering problems that can be easily solved and need immediate attention. Clients will be busy running a company and it is our job to ensure that we keep their business running.

Every task given to a VA requires a specific skill set. For example, for data entry, we need to always have an eye for details. We have to make use of different tools to ensure both accuracy and speed.

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