Mark Reyson Gimeno – Estimator

mark-reyson-gimeno-formalPlease allow me to briefly introduce myself.

I am Mark Reyson R. Gimeno. You can call me Mark for short. I am 35 years old, happily married and a good father to a beautiful daughter who just turned one recently.

If I was asked to describe myself, I would say that I am a very professional, mature, responsible, and family focused man. Additionally, I am a person who adapts easily around or to changes, flexible and always keen to continuous improvement or learning.

In 2008, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Degree in one of the top Engineering Schools here in Philippines, Mapua Institute of Technology.

Graduating from a reputable school has been an advantage towards landing a job with prominent construction companies. I started working as Quantity Surveyor then, Cost Control Engineer, Construction Project Engineer and was later promoted as Procurement Team Head. To sum it up, I have a total of 7 years on actual construction site works.

Once I got married in October 2014, my priorities in life have certainly changed. As we were just renting a small apartment in the city, my wife and I both decided to move out and return to our hometown in the province, so we could free ourselves from rental obligations and begin saving and start growing our family.

I then tried applying for online jobs. For a year, I worked as a freelance estimator with a steel contractor company in Australia.

mark-reyson-gimeno-bondingWith strong determination to finding much better opportunities, I submitted my applications to a few BPO companies within our area who cater services primarily to Australian clients. Successfully, I was able to join as an Estimator and I have been working for the same position for almost 2 years up until present.

Working with BPO companies and employed under Australian clients has helped me enhance my verbal and written skills, data entry and of course, MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint) which I believe comes as a standard nowadays. I gained knowledge too on Australian softwares and programs such as Estimate One, Bid Contender, Dropbox, Cubit 9.0, CostX 6.0, STACK takeoff & estimating software, On-screen Take-off, Plan Swift, Sketchup, Autocadd. In fact, I had the opportunity to have actual training in Sydney regarding Cubit 9.0 which was sponsored by my previous client back in 2018.

Equipped with these skills and the right attitude, I hope to land a job that would best fit in my qualification.

My aim is to get a work from home job. Not only will it help me save money from transportation but also, would allow me to have extra time to spend with my family as there is no need for me to travel to and from the office. Hence, a perfect work life balance.

For a copy of Mark’s resume please click here.