Mary Ilagan – Administrative Assistant, Customer Service

Mary-Grace-Ilagan-vaHi! Good day!

This is Mary Grace Ilagan, but you can call me Grace for short. I don’t have any experience in VA, but I’m willing to undergo training and learn how it works.

I am a vocational graduate with a certificate in Cosmetology and an undergraduate in Hotel And Restaurant Services. I’m 25 years old now. My last job was as an encoder. I encode in and out products in the supermarket.

My hobby is traveling. I love to travel that’s why I need to have work to have savings. Unfortunately, I lost my job when my mother died last October 2021. So now, I need a job to help my family and also heal myself little by little for the pain I feel every single day. I am hoping to be one of the members of this company even though I don’t have any experience in this field. I hope this company will help me achieve my goals in life.

I only have one sister and she already has her own family. She has two sons, one is 18 years old and the younger one is 6 years old. Her husband used to be an OFW. Because of the pandemic, they went home here in our country. My father was a tricycle driver before. But now, he stays at home because he is a senior citizen.

Mary-Grace-Ilagan-vaI have so many dreams in life. I want to travel locally and internationally. I also want to give my family a stable life. Giving my father his wants. I want to build my own family in the future. Now that I’m single, I will focus on my dreams for my family and for myself. I want to have a happy life soon. I know that life is like a tire. It has a lot of ups and down’s but I need to be brave and fight for my dream.

I want to build my own business like a milk tea shop, coffee shop, or a small bar. I hope someday God will give that to me. That’s why I need to work hard for my family and for my dreams. Hoping that someday I will achieve it. I will make my parents and family proud.

Someday, I will have my own house. That’s my main dream in life. To have my own home. I’m 25 years old. My friends have their own lives and own families. They have their work. But me, I’m still here. Thinking if I can do my life good. Sometimes, I feel so down because I don’t have any job. I don’t have savings. I can’t help with our expenses. But I always pray to God – to give me more strength to fight for. Hoping that I will have a stable job with a good salary. And hoping that I will pass this to become a member of your company.

Thank you for the opportunity and for giving me a chance to make this happen.

For a copy of Mary’s resume please click here.