Monique Louise Garcia – Photography, Social Media Management

monique-louise-garcia-profileFall seven times stand up eight. In order to achieve something, you’ve got to earn it.

Hi I’m Monique! Ever since I was young, I’ve always been a kind person who is hardworking and goal-driven. I’ve always told myself that in order for me to gain success is to work it from the bottom until we reach the top and never forget where you’ve come from.

I can still clearly remember before my first attempt in using social media it was full of excitement and curiosity. As time passes by, I have clearly wanted to use my experiences and skills in using social media. In the field of social media marketing I have found myself to expand. If you are looking for someone in order to build a strong social media influence, I assure you that I am the right person to help you with it. I’m good with communication, working in teams and goal-oriented.

I’m very fond of not only Social Media Management, but I can also be someone who can create logos and write reviews. I also see myself as someone who always loves to work at home as I believe that there is no better place to work but at monique-louise-garcia-modelHOME as I find myself being comfortable in working in a place where I can move freely.

Also, I always push myself to work harder and at the same time learn new skills that would help me in doing my job more. Pushing myself to the limits and at the fullest can help me to easily finish all the tasks that would be handed to me and in order for me to be driven more when working.

I can assure you that I work properly and cleanly in order to satisfy your goals. I can work quickly under pressure, can handle any work that you give me and can meet deadlines. I accept criticisms such as it helps me in not just improving myself but also seeing it as a motivation to work harder and achieve my goals in life. I may not have a lot of experiences unlike others but I can assure you that I am reliable, committed and dedicated in helping you by being your Virtual Assistant.

It would be a wonderful opportunity to work with you in building your empire. Hoping to work with you soon!

For a copy of Monique’s resume please click here.