Maria Fe Gonzales – CSR, Telemarketing, Quality Assurance

maria-fe-gonzales-profileMost people call me Fe. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science Major in Business Administration from the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines. Right after I graduated from college, my dad passed away so I decided to look for a job to support my mum and myself since I am their only child. There was no one whom we could depend on. I worked as a Billing and Collection Clerk, Telemarketer, Secretary, Teller, Bookkeeper and also a Team Leader at a law firm.

I started working at a BPO company in 2006. I worked as a Sales and Customer Service Representative. I worked there for more than 3 years and had an expertise in taking inbound calls and outbound calls for a US financial account.

I took the risk of resigning from the BPO company when I heard from a friend of mine that she was working as a home based call center agent. This is primarily because of my physical condition. I was operated on both feet but it did not cause any hindrance to stop me from fulfilling my dreams. Instead, it made me a stronger and a better person.

So, I tried applying for a home based job and fortunately, I was given a chance to work as a sales and a customer service representative. I am experienced in taking inbound calls from customers regarding products and services and can easily handle even the frustrated callers and customers. I resolve customer problems, give sales pitches and take accurate notes of conversations with customers.

In just a few months, I was promoted as a Team Captain then way up to a Team Leader. Because of dedication to work and good performance, I was given a chance to become a Quality Assurance Manager. I also have a background in appointment setting particularly with an Australian account, data entry, lead generation and link building. Then I worked as a full time Virtual Assistant for an Australian account for more than 3 years where I do admin tasks such as responding to emails and making correspondence for contractors. I do inbound and outbound calls as well. I am knowledgeable in operating software products such as operating systems, software applications, CRM and automated web design tools.

Maria Fe Gonzales bondingFrom my previous work experiences, I’ve learned how to deal with a lot of customers, understanding one’s emotions and to understand their point of view. I have the ability to adapt to changing work conditions and have the same mental flexibility to respond to a variety of situations in whichever way the customers prefer at the moment. I know how to focus on the solution and thank the customers for their patience, understanding, and valued loyalty.

Working in an office and home based call center for more than 13 years can only prove that I am reliable and can carry out tasks in a thorough, precise manner.

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