Nerrie Vivien Ongco Pajugot – CSR, Recruitment and Sales/Marketing Consultant

nerrie-vivienne-profileI had my biggest break to grace the skies for a living. I took that rare opportunity since my love to serve (customer service) has always been my greatest attribute. I was also able to exercise my Leadership skills, having been able to fly as a Senior Cabin Crew for a good seven years. Not only that, being punctual, disciplined and a good team player was also a must and needed to be observed.

However, I decided to bid good bye to the friendly skies when I decided to become a full time mum. That didn’t stop me from taking every opportunity thrown at me. Being exposed to the call center industry before, my flying years made me more adept to the ins and outs of the industry. I actually laboured over the books to excel in numbers (that is a degree in Accounting) but found myself enthralled with Customer Service and sales, thus proving my ability to maintain strong interpersonal relationships with several clients from different cultures.

I am passionate in giving the utmost care for details, figures and situations which keeps me highly motivated about doing my best work. Apart from having a good academic background, I am also very flexible and quick to learn whatever job nerrie-vivienne-daughteravailability there is. From being a customer service person to being a Sales/Marketing Consultant, I was able to deliver efficiently and effectively, and even skyrocketed exceptional results. Having these combined skills successfully geared me to become a good performer when I worked for a Virtual Assistant Company. If there is also one valuable trait that I am proud to have, it’s Integrity. Doing things that I should be doing even if no one is watching. That alone makes me feel confident enough that I am reliable and I have the good working attitude to take on whatever VA tasks or projects assigned to me.

Moving forward, I plan to continue honing and nurturing these skills within the comfort of my own home to fully embrace my being a mother and at the same time a career woman as well. I want something that is more than just a job. I want to do something that I am truly passionate about so that I can deliver more of what is asked of me. And to be a part of your team would just be about it.

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