Pamchita Hannah B. Tuan – CSR and Graphic Designer

pamchita-hannah-tuan-profileHi! My name is Hannah Tuan. Just call me Hannah.

I have been a Virtual Assistant for 2 years now. Prior to that, I also worked in an outsourcing company for 3 years as a Customer Service Representative, Sales Representative and Graphic Designer.

I do Lead mining, Data Entry, Email handling and Social Media Management. I experienced handling inbound and outbound calls using the proper call handling procedures and I also have knowledge in Graphic designing.

I am well trained, trainable and eager to learn new skills. I am always willing to help people. In every task, I always make sure that I make my job accurate and correct by verifying, reading and checking every detail on it so that I can gain client’s satisfaction.

Working in this type of industry is my ultimate dream. I join groups in social media, study online courses and learn new skills by watching videos online so that I can have more knowledge on how tp become a Virtual Assistant.

pamchita-hannah-tuan-vaI am good at writing. However, sometimes, speaking or talking the English language is quite difficult for me because I feel anxious when I speak. This is a big challenge for me and my goal is to be fluent or to be a good English speaker some day.

My vision summary is to provide quality service to clients, learn more skills and knowledge to become a successful Virtual Assistant, and to proceed to the next step of my career together with the success of the client that I will work with.

Thank you for reading my story.

Hope to hear more from you soon.

For a copy of Pamchita’s resume please click here.